About D.P.E High School

Our vision is to grow great citizens, empowered to live successfully in their personal and global lives. We ensure committed, dedicated and caring staffs who strive to make your child's learning and Social experiences fun and meaningful. IN the year 2010, D.P.E High School was set up in Jaunpur in collaboration with the General Council of Delhi. The school follows the CBSE curriculum. The basis of our motto "Achieving excellence together" we aim to offer a rich curriculum based on every child's uniqueness and special abilities to ensure all round development of the child. We help the child build a rock Solid bottom to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of each.We commit to Create a school climate where values of love,freedom and sincerity along With the moral values of conscience and commitment are experienced and lived out by all.We are passionate about offering children are exciting, Stimulating rich curriculum based on real reasons for learning.Every Child has opportunity to meet their potential and develop the academic Creative, social and spiritual skill in a shaped environment that will enable them to fulfill happy and prosperous life .We offer opportunities for international exposure through overseas sports exchanges and by inviting Indian and foreign teams to the campus.